Makefile: the file responsible for building the socketserver binary. Use 'make all'. Have gcc installed. (Apple Developer Kit).

blogxmlrpc.c: the file implementing the XML RPC blog post command.

debug.h: useful constants for setting debugging levels. 9 is most verbose. 1 is least.

socketserver: the binary that gets run with nohup in the background when Widgets start.

testblog_get.txt: a preliminary test XML RPC blogger post.

base64_encode.c: implements a simple base64 character string encoder.

processmanagement.c: implements standard functions for maintaining new children, and logging messages.

socketserver.c: the main() body, socket listener loop, and primary command parser.

utils.c: a few handy utilities, such as URL decoding.

codes.h: a repository for error codes. Also see FAILURE_CASES and the onload.js error code handler.